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Detailed Ultrasound

Imaging with advanced ultrasound devices is called detailed ultrasound. It has high image quality; Devices used in Doppler, Color Doppler, 3 and 4 dimensional imaging processes help to examine the organs of the baby in the mother's womb in detail.

Thanks to detailed ultrasound, you can have information about congenital anomalies, diseases, disabilities and risky pregnancies. Detailed ultrasound is performed as a complementary examination between 11-13 and 18-22 weeks of pregnancy. Detailed ultrasound with high-frequency sound waves is extremely safe as it does not harm the baby and the mother.

What is Displayed with Detailed Ultrasound?


  1. Baby's hand and foot development

  2. Baby laughing, yawning, frowning, thumb sucking

  3. Disturbances in vital tissues such as the brain and spinal cord

  4. Multiple pregnancy development

  5. Whether the baby has anomalies of missing fingers, cleft palate, cleft lip

  6. Baby's gender

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